HO Brahman Cattle Sinntal Germany

One of the exciting and at the same time hopeful movements in the agriculture today, is the return to grass and nature. Our understanding of this method is that it is the most favourable and healthiest way to raise cattle.

We have an agriculture business with beef cattle production, which we keep only on the pasture from the end of March to beginning of December, depending on weather.

Our calving time is the whole year long, but mainly in the spring and summer.

To make the handling with the cattle easier, we keep the cows, calves and a herdsire in different smaller herds. It is our experience that the animals a more calmer and well-balanced this way to us and with each other.

A positive side-effect is that way we get a genetic advantage, hybrid vigour, from the use of good bulls from a different breed (Limousin, Belgian Blue, Simmental). We breed Brahmans since 2006 and Maine Anjous since 2008.

In the year 2006 we bought the first Brahman cow which we still have in on of our herds, she has a calf every year and is very healthy. A month later we bought  a female Brahman calf as well. Today we know that both animals are not 100% pure breed. Trough the internet and literature, which we got from America and Australia, we got informed about the breed Brahman how to hold the animals, there characteristics but especially about there hybrid-vigour.

We wanted to give this qualities, resistance to ticks, biting insects, resistance to many other diseases and tolerance to high temperatures, to our cattle.
In Europe the summers have tended  to get warmer the last few years and therefor increases the risk of infectious diseases caused by biting insects (for example pinkeye, blue tongue or Schmallenberg-virus).

After  the BSE-crises in Europe and because of the high veterinary standards for the health-certifications in Germany, it was impossible to get Brahman semen to Germany, so we decided to get embryos.

Now we were looking again for a breeder who was able to qualify for the health requirement of Germany, which also had to be financed. We finally found in Canada Claire and David Andrews from the -Andrews polled Brahmans- Ranch. They were, as well as we were, fascinated from the idea to establish Brahmans in Germany and Europe.

Today we have a herd over 40 fullblood Brahmans and they are registered with the American Brahman Breeders Association. We became a member of the ABBA in the year 2008 and so far the only acknowledged Brahman breeder in Germany and Europe. In the same year we were glad to welcome visitors from Canada, our cooperation partner David Andrews and his wife Claire. They came to advisers and  look at our cattle and the Brahman calves that we have from him.

From this cooperation grew a good friendship, in 2010 we travelled together to the World Brahman Congress in Brazil, 2012 to the World Brahman Congress to Panama and 2014 to the Congress in South Africa. We were the only Europeans at these Congresses. At these Congresses we meet a lot of other breeders from different parts of the world, to some of them we keep a good contact. On the Congress in Panama City we got to know our second cooperationspartner Marinus van Jaarsveld, at that time he was the president of the Brahman Society of South Africa and he promoted in Panama during the Congress the next Congress in his home country.

Through our cooperation we developed a good friendship to him and his family, we could experience this when we went 2014 to the World Brahman Congress in South Africa.

In December 2009 there was a publication in the American Brahman Journal that we were the first acknowledged Brahman breeder in Europe and after this article some other articles were published in Brahman magazins in different countries, for example South Africa, Australia and Namibia.

After our slogan   -We love the speciality, with the power of a vision-  is the goal for us to promote this fascinating breed. We offer this genetically high quality breed in both red and grey colours, preferably Polled, here in Germany and all of Europe. The above mentioned change of managing cattle on the pasture will be more profitable  with Brahmans or Brahman crossbreeds.

We wish you an exciting journey of discovery on our web-site about a unique breed.