The most important economic issue after obtaining a live calf is growth. Brahman Influenced cattle provide explosive heterosis and growth.They will produce a 1200 pound calf-fed steer at twelve months of age.

Recent data from the Texas A&M University┬┤s -Ranch To Rail Program- has shown that Brahman cross steers are more efficient than any other breed or cross in terms of gain. The average steer, from other breeds, is marketed at 18 months of age. The cost savings provided by marketing 12 month old steers versus 18 month steers is tremendous.

Over a 14 year period at the USDA Iberia livestock Experiment Station, Jeanerette, Louisiana, Brahman hybrid calves weaned 22 to 34 percent heavier than straight bred European calves at six months of age. A group of cattlemen at a National Cattlemen┬┤s Beef Asociation meeting in the late nineties designed a contest to recognize the optimum feeder steer.

The contest was industry wide and included all beef breeds. Steers were rated on feedlot performance, carcass quality and net return. Imagine the suprise when the contest was won by a Brahman-cross steer. Not only that, four of the top five steers were Brahman-crosses.

The greatest advantage of Brahman Influenced cattle is the ability to produce lean, tender, high quaility beef in twelve months.


Brahman x Shorthorn
"hier Brahman x Maine


Brahman x Angus


Brahman x Charolais


Brahmann x Limousin


Brahman x Simmental


Brahman x Hereford


Brahman / Gyr x Holstein