The name "BRAHMAN" was adopted to preserve the Indian heritage of the breed. Brahman in Hindu means

"Supreme God of Creation"

Brahman-cattle represent the giant Zebus ( Bos indicus ) and were bred, since 1900, in the south of the United States and count to the pure American breed.

The base of the breed goes back to on old indian Zebuline like Gir (milk), Guzerat (frame and beef) and Nelore (beef and robust to restrain disease). Since 1930 the first Brahmans were exported to Australia and since the 1950 to South Africa.

Brahmans are today, because of there high resistancy to insects and adaptability to extrem temperatures, spread on all tropical and subtropical parts of the world.

The Brahman is a big framed and a well muscled cattle, with a deep and wide rump, strong foundation and black hard hoofs. Typical for them is the back-hump, the long head with the deep onset of the floppy ears, the loose, slick coat and navel-sheat.

They have a dense short hair coat which is bred in grey and red colors. The animals are very intelligent, alert and by good handling calm and loyal; Brahmans don`t forget. The cows are excellent mothers with a good milking efficiency and are well known for their mothering abilities, which has be carefully handled.

In Africa, the Brahman cows will protect their calves even against wild animals. The Brahmans calve easily, the calves are small at birth. They are excellent feed converters, they have the ability to utilise lower- quality feed to their advantage.Very special is their amazing degree of hybrid vigor, which means that the cross-breed calves will be better than one of their parent. It is no other breed known with a higher hybrid vigor than Brahmans.

This characteristics lead to the base of a whole kind of syntetic breeds who exist all over the world, for example

  • Simbrah (Simmental-Brahman)
  • Brangus (Angus-Brahman)
  • Braford (Hereford-Brahman)
  • Charbray (Charolais-Brahman)
  • Brahmousin (Limousin-Brahman)
  • Santa Gertrudis (Shorthorn-Brahman)
  • Beefmaster (Shorthorn-Hereford-Brahman)
  • Girolando (Holstein-Brahman)
  • Simbravieh (Simmental-Braunvieh-Brahman)

(Brahman x Holstein)

Because of that reason, the most cattle in the feedlots for an efficient beefproduction in Australia, South Africa, North- and Southamerica have Brahmanblood.

From the pasture to the plate, Brahman and Brahman cross-breeds prove they have the genetics for total beef performance!!


Guzerat-Bulle beim Absamen